How Twitter Works


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Twitter — one of the world’s fastest growing micro-blogging and social networking platform, where user can send and read messages and can following each others and communicating and creating networks. Each of your message counts as “tweet” and user can express feeling within 140 characters, for more user can attach short urls and interested people will go through that short link to somewhere else. Every user will get unique identity and a profile pages, where a user can show a small bio, location and web address.

The service of twitter is fully free for the entire world and millions of world-famous renowned, branded company using twitter because of customer and companies communication is more faster then ever. A customer can directly knock privately or publicly about his/her products and as well the company can reply privately and publicly. Even, this communication brings different flavor in communicating.

What we have to do is deliver to people the best and freshest most relevant information possible. We think of Twitter as it’s not a social network, but it’s an information network. It tells people what they care about as it is happening in the world — Evan Williams, Co-founder of Twitter.

An user can give tweets from main page of twitter and as well user can use different types of desktop applications, browser add-ons, extensions and universal like service to send messages. From the beginning Short Message Service (SMS) which has enabled with twitter thus a user can throw messages via his mobile device and as well from websites too. Also, an user can use different Instant Messenger (IM) to send messages and within a second the message will visible under his unique profile. Those user or friends are following – they will be notified that you left a messages and then others can reply or ReTweet  or re-share same messages to others.

One question you will be asked, “What are you doing?”. What are doing right now? Reading, writing, playing, gossiping, working, home works, eating, planning for tour — whatever just right now you can share your messages with entire world by using Twitter. If people getting interest about same things, they might share their express with you or maybe you interest of someone’s messages you can reply and share your expressions. — this website ranking websites based on their algorithmic analysis and they found twitter is 50 most popular website world wide and assuming on basis of number of daily users vary, Compete – another one site ranking websites informed, Twitter is world’s third most used social networks based on their count of 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million monthly visits.

How Twitter API Works

API means application programming interface and it’s allowing other software to interact within a process and that software might enable for the user access. Twitter has Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture and this architecture refers to a collection of networks design principle and that will define the address and access data and as well it’s working in web syndication with simple process and it has standard web syndication formats. An administrator can embed few lines of code and allowing visitors to get updates via feed. Automatically that feed will updates data when administration will updates. By using the API, developer can take access to twitter and as well twitter allowing to create programs with independent interface and user can send and retrieve messages on twitter networks using simple interface.

How Does Follow, Reply, Retweet, Private Tweet Works

In twitter a user can follow other users. When an user “A” start to following “B”, “B” will be notifed that “A” is following him/her. As well, “A” will get updates about “B”s twitters. If “B” getting interest about “A”, “B” can do the same things and keep in touch. Both can share and communicate with each others, anytime from anywhere.

Another one interesting part is Reply. If already have following your friends or someone then you can reply to him/her based on his shared opinions. As well, when you have sent tweets, your friends can reply to you and send you another messages — it’s like counter messages and both user can do that instantly and both user will be notified about the reply.

Most popular and effective way to get more followers in twitter — that is “ReTweet”. You can retweet your friends messages under your account. That way, your friends will be notified and