How Posterous Works

Front Page of, where it's showing how easily you can start using posterous for different purpose.

Normally we using email service to send and receive messages from friends and family or for communications. By using email service we can do lot of things nowadays. Now, you can do blog, share your photos, thoughts, expressions, works – whatever from your email to the entire world. Posterous — engaging users to blogging in a simple and quickest way. Simply you can mail at and start your blogging and it’s email based blogging service where a user get access to share thoughts, photos, audio, videos, files and much things and automatically user will get a sub-domain and on the next confirmation mail user get registered.

Most of the internet has at least one email account and everyone using it and if a user can get blogging features through email service, surely user will accept such functions. On the other hand, also introduced email based blogging where it wasn’t available — but it’s more convenient for a user to blog from any situation.

What might be the simplest blogging platform to date… I’m seriously liking — Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

Before the WordPress, Google’s introduced the email blogging features — where a user can attach photos, text, title and so on things and user can send email to a specific private email address then within a second — users emailed contents will be visible to blogger account. It’s really an exclusive functions and extending the user experiences. Flickr has such functionality — where user can post images or photos from email account, such as email title will be post title and attached photo will send to flickr account via sent email.