How CopyGator Works

Every company extending their business through the internet and some companies with long term approach and some are short time. Few companies thinking about over night success and they start to stealing web contents, ideas without any legal process. In such way, you might loss your profits — yes it can be short percentage but it is a loss. So, how to prevent your company or content from content thief?

Home Page of CopyGator, just give web address and start watching and keep tracking your contents on blogsphere through the CopyGator.

Copygator — easier way to find those websites copying your contents.  It’s an innovative service which is parsing over a half million new blog posts everyday and the server automatically start to matching with another two million blog feeds  and finding the similarity of your contents to other websites contents. If they found any “roughly, nearly, or exactly alike” — you will be notified under your domain. Easily, you can track which site actually copying your contents. It is mainly monitoring your RSS feed and by matching it will provide an overview about your website, where you will find how, when, where you content is being used. And it is currently watching 6,683,303 feeds and comparing web contents with 320,786,540 blog posts.

“The copygator service aggregates data from over two million blog feeds, and parses over a half million new blog posts a day. Our servers then crunch all of this data and evaluates every post against each other to determine if any two are roughly, nearly, or exactly alike.” — CopyGator says.

CopyGator showing the step by step working process and how it's generating an automatic overview pages. Image Curtesty MakeUseOf

This web based service allowing any blogger to check and find who is stealing web contents within a seconds. Just have to enter the website and click to “show me”.