Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Windows OS

I’m trying to take some experience about Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I’ve seen in web the interface of Mac OS and the print screen, tutorials — each and every shots looks superb and atleast better then Windows Interface.  I’m bored to using Windows XP, so trying to find clone theme for Mac OS theme for XP or Vista or Windows 7.

Firstly, I’ve installed StyleXP — the first experience was awesome and the first version which tried to give the taste of Mac OS. StyleXP has limitations — it’s tiral and it will be ended within 30 days. No way, you have to pay for it. So, I left it.

Secondly, I tried Leopard XP BricoPack — the experience is different and even without customizing the full installation, will give you great taste of Mac OS. You can try it for free and it’s free forever and worked in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It might worked in Windows Vista too.

Thirdly, I’m searched more to get another better version — finally I found Leopard XP 1.1 – Mac XP Theme — it’s extended the visual style of Leopard OS X and making it more perfect and similar of Mac OS X Leopard. Try and take the experience.

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