How FriendFeed Works

Home Page of FriendFeed, where they showing how to use and user can take access on FriendFeed with Facebook, Twitter and Google account.

Hundreds of social networking website existing in web and user start to using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and different services. But, it is really tough to track any friends or family members activities in different social platforms. If a user most of the time spending on facebook or using regularly on twitter and sometimes using Myspace — how will you keep track?

FriendFeed – a web-based service which is helping user to track friends, family, co-workers activities in different web platform and all things updated in real-time. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter — anywhere if any changes found or if any of your friends update status you instantly notify within a second under your account.

FriendFeed is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends.You get a customized feed made up of the content that your friends shared—from photos to interesting links and videos to messages just for you. And your friends get their customized feeds, full of the cool stuff that you’ve shared. – Explains FriendFeed

Both private and public account feature is available — if you like to share everything and even your friends activities publicly — in real-time when anything changed FriendFeed will update that too. As well, you can choose private options — no one will know what’s going on under your accounts, except you.

Features Of FriendFeed

Free Signup: A user can signup for free on FriendFeed and if any user wants, they can use Facebook, Twitter, Google account to accessing on FriendFeed. Initially, the user will get a public unique url, the web identity and share-able vanity url. Also, at the first any user can choose public or private account.

Manage Profile: Inside FriendFeed, you can show your profile and to make change click on “edit profile” and the pop-up box will help you to organize your profiles, photos,language, email address, password, theme for your pages and so on.

Add/Edit: Add/Edit mainly help you to add your friends blog address, feed, twitter account and so on. When any changes found to the RSS feed or websites — the latest changes will be updated under your accounts.

Upload Photo, Files: Inside FriendFeed, any user can upload photos, files just one click way. Locate the file and automatically it will show the file uploading indicator and start to upload and show the percentage have uploaded.

Comments/Share/ Edit: For each of the posts or updates — FriendFeed enabling comments, sharing options and editing. You can make comments to others account and as well other people can make comments and share their options. Also, user can edit the contents. Social sharing integrated with each posts or updates and quick links will help to publish on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Reddit and Digg.

Information Source Visibility: Under each of post or updates, FeedFeed showing the source of information — if any user would like directly they can visit and the see information or contents. If any information taken from Twiiter, they will show the twitter status link and if information from Weblogs, they will show the website url.

FriendFeed Bot: Friend has IM Bot. By using the bot, from your Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger you send or share message onto FriendFeed. If any of your friends subscribed you — instantly will be notified, same way you will notified about your friends updates.

Real-Time Notification: To get real-time notification about your friends, family and co-workers, FriendFeed is for you and it will notifying you less than a second.

CC To Twitter: FriendFeed has integration with Twitter, whenever user trying to send messages inside FriendFeed, side by side just after the text box user can Tick Mark for CC Twitter. A carbon copy will send to user’s twitter account.

Flickr Photos, Videos: If any of your friends uploading photos in Flickr account or sharing any Video to their blog — from dashboard user can see the Thumb Flickr Photos and Video too.

10 Native Language: FriendFeed has English, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and simplified Chinese and still the team working on it and from any page you can change the language from drop-down menu — which is available in footer area.

Get Notifications: One of the coolest functions of FriendFeed. In Notification Setup page, you can control the entire notifications for your account. Even you can fully step the functions — if it’s annoying too much. You can be notified via email, IM and Desktop Notifier.

FriendFeed Tools, Widgets: By using FriendFeed widgets you can get real-time updates of your friends, share your status, show the most recent few feeds and as well show a FriendFeed Badge to your website — where it will show the bio, your subscribed feeds, comments.