How Amazon Works


Amazon is an US based multinational company, world’s leading and most popular website online shopping service — selling the products, goods & service over the Internet. Without moving towards the shopping mall, an user can order any products from home from the virtual store and shortly it will ship to the purchaser. “The domain attracted at least 615 million visitors annually by 2008. According to the Internet audience measurement website, Amazon attracts approximately 50 million U.S. consumers to its website on a monthly basis.” — explains WikiPedia. In the meantime, Amazon acquired lots of companies and expanding their business. Most popular Internet Movie Database acquired by Amazon Inc. in 1998; Audible in 2007; Zappos in 2009 and around 18 more companies acquired by Amazon Inc.

Jeff Bezos founded Inc. in 1994 and lunched in 1995 and showing up as online bookstore and shortly the products being diversified in different categories, such as Books, Digital Downloads, Kindle, Computers & Office, Electronics, Home & Garden, Toys, Kids & Baby and so on things and each categorize has sub categories and each sub categorize has sub category — the deep navigation it actually helping an user to drive and find the products or good easily from millions of products. Also with each products user will get details information about the products or service.

The front page of is always exciting. It is offering best selling products & service, giving discounts and free 2-days shipping offers. What latest product is available in amazon and most customer viewed products, similar purchased products lists, depends on your search, products view — amazon recommending users to see more or buy. If you’re enlisting your favorite products & service in wishlist, Amazon will grab products from there and show in front page under “Most Wished For in Business & Investing”. Not only that, to excising users they understanding users and presenting the products what customer actually looking for under different title and removing confusions and hassles to find and get.

Also, Amazon’s navigation is really different and user getting interest to know more and go forward. Left side of front page, fully navigating text links with different title. Are you interested to become seller of Amazon or wants to grab the exclusive offers or Amazon Web Services (Parts of Developers) — the navigator will drive user right way. Right side panel, mainly missed up, there they showing the latest available products in Amazon, advertisement, Discount offers, Bestsellers and discount rated products, Top 100 Bestsellers Books (updating hourly), Visa Card and different types of offers without annoying users.