Public Spearking & Tips of Matt

Well, I’m also thinking to write something about Public Speaking. I couldn’t able to attend that much conference (even I didn’t speak, I wish I’ll soon) but I had experience to join some seminar lucky. In one of my Course English III, I got a excellent Instructor (previously worked in British Council) — who inspired me, support me and I always gave the full concentration and I can still remember that I didn’t missed a single words for the four months of the course.

Whatever, I’m always trying to implement or express my expertise publicly but what cares whom? But, recently I got a chance in my Class. Teacher requested us to “Speak Up” about any topics. So, I prepared my presentation and I was little bit afraid, heart also beating little bit faster which impacting but it will start to smooth in a short time. Lets know more from Matt.

Ask Matt: Tips On Public Speaking
I get asked a lot about tips on public speaking because I do it so frequently. Positive response when I give a talk is generally proportional to how relaxed I was when giving the presentation and on good days I’ll get comments like people were able to relate to what I was saying or that watching me calmed them down. I don’t mention this in the video, but besides breathing and remembering the audience is there to see you do well, the best way to relax is to know your material down cold. I’ve lived and breathed WordPress for almost 7 years now, so I can talk about it for hours without thinking twice. I think practicing and knowing your material well comes across most in your body language which probably affects how people perceive your presentation more than what you say.

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