TOP 10 TIPS: Google Buzz For Novice To Experts

Google Buzz changing the way of communication and fastest way to communicate socially — just from the email. Emailing and social networking live inside Gmail. Gmail mainly known as email service but now Gmail is not only email but also parts of social networks. All of your contacts are tied up with Google Buzz, user can follow each others and share what they are doing just like twitter and as well upload photos with status updates. Google Buzz has no limitations of 140 characters and as well each user getting an public URL from Google. In previous articles we shared how google buzz works, today we are going to share how to handle Google Buzz and make it productive.

However, In this articles we will introduce the Buzz extensions, email to Buzz, mute the Buzz, hiding the Buzz account and we know privacy matters, sending private message in Buzz, permalink of Google Buzz, shortcuts of Buzz, Text Rich in Buzz, dis-abling Google Buzz and much more funs. Lets see details of 10 Myth of Google Buzz.