Web Usability : Amazon.com

Amazon.com one of the leading company as online retailer. They not only selling books but also selling tons of products and service. Just one click way, an user can select the products and checkout — it will be shipped for free or depends of locations it charged for shipping as shipping cost.

However, few things I noticed and that’s really killing my time and as well Amazon developers maybe they skipped or somehow they didn’t notified about this problem.

#1: Keyboard Failed: Using keyboard an user can’t able to select the category of the products of service. We shouldn’t depends of mouse all the time in anyway. But, Keyboard should give the priority and make the website accessible and usable and easier. Where, I checked and using TAB button you can move on top of the Shop All Departments but you will not get drag and drop functions using keyboard, just hit the enter it will move to the main directly page of categories.

#2: Wish Listed: If any products I added to Wishlist and in the search results of products or service — any symbol should show that the product or service already listed under my Wishlist. Where, Amazon.com doesn’t showing any indicator  — an user can re-try to add same products twice and then amazon will notify “its already added”. Why don’t make it more easier for the users.

#3: Ajax Based Wish List: To adding a products in your wishlist, you have to select and it will redirect and added onto users wishlist. Why don’t Amazon make it Ajax Based and save users time and show that it’s instantly added to wishlist — that would be really so great and much more user friendly.

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