Introducing "Follow Company Profiles" on Linkedin

Finally, business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn is staying true to its monicker. LinkedIn  has just rolled out a much delayed feature that lets you easily follow company profiles on LinkedIn. In case you’re more of a Facebook user, you’d know that this is somewhat similar to the “become a fan” feature, which incidentally was changed to “like.”

Rationalizing the roll-out of this feature, the LinkedIn official blog states that this will help LinkedIn memeber to stay in the loop on new developments, potential business opportunities or even job opportunities by simply following a company.  Following a company, just like following a brand profile in Facebook also lets you get the first hand information about developments at companies you follow.

So, how do you follow a company on LinkedIn. There are various ways to do so. First, you can click through any of the companies listed on your LinkedIn contacts’ profiles. Once you find a company that interest you, you simply mouse-over on that company and the “Follow Company” icon will appear on a hover bar.

You can also follow a company right on the company’s profile whenever you chanced upon them as you search on LinkedIn. To easily find a company profile, you can check out the “more” drop-down list from LinkedIn’s homepage.

Now here’s the interesting part. LinkedIn also allows you to choose the volume of updates that you want to receive from various companies you follow. You can select the type, frequency and format of updates as well.

Like the features so far? So, what are you waiting for? Start following those companies now and wait for the fruits of what you are about to do, hopefully the soonest time possible.

Credit goes to 901am

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