Page Monitor Tracks Your Competitor

TO understanding your competitor the steps of your competitors it’s important when you’re on business. So, I’m also trying to figure out some ways to track each and evey changes of my competitors. Yes, normally I can use RSS feed or Feedity RSS feed, — whatever it’s the applications. Let’s try another one.

 is a an excellent tool if you would like to track your competitors
website for any UI changes the webmaster makes. You can secretly spy on it
without anybody knowing about it. I tried it on my website and it tracked the
changes when I approved a comment which is displayed on my side bar. And to mu
surprise it also showed me what was gone. As I show latest 10 comments, the one
which was gone was also tracked. 

Page Monitored Changes tracked

Page Monitored Changes tracked

This is a Chrome Addon and can be used to track any website with a single
click and also you can configure the duration after which the site has to
be checked again which can be different for every site. 

Page being Monitored

Page being Monitored


Chrome Monitored Pages

Credit goes to technospot

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