Fire In Our University

FIRE on Our University, the experience was horrible. Around 40 students, we were inside the Class Room, sudden electricity gone and we waiting for electricity and luckily a student who informed us about FIRE, not our Security Guards (that’s pathetic). However, I was just in-front of the Door, so just hold the books, papers, pens and leave the class less then 5 seconds. When I was there, More then 1000+ students start to using the Stairs to exit ASAP. Start to running and found hundreds of Students, making different types of sounds, someone also crying (specially girls) and someone grabbing each others and with a Good speed we moving from one Floor to another Floor. Today I’m feeling the Stairs will not end ever. Through I’m not sure what’s going inside ground floor and suddenly I tracked from another building, few peoples start to giving us Command by using their HAND, down faster and we just extend the SPEED, the SPEED was Horrible, If you missed, you might be paste — because everyone holding a SPEED and everyone pressing from the Back Side, to Go Down. Go Go… Go… When I’m in ground floor and I found the Burning Smell and Black Airs – What to do? Everyone slowing them-self there and jump over the Black Smoke, same things I’ve done and lately I tracked, a Boy slipped there accidentally. Less then 8 min, the Fire Brigade comes here and Police blocked the Road and Cut off the Electricity and Gas. Possibly the fire comes from the BIG Generator. Now, it’s under control and Allahamdulliah, No one is injured. Instantly I left the Place but I figure out “AMM Jonota – Start to Crowing the Place with Great Speed” What a Sense? Oh, they are NON-SENSE, If you’re one of them too.

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