Best of ReCaptcha Spam Protection

Well, I’m almost tired off with SPAM comments. I’m using Akismat but still getting tons of SPAM under my blog. So, I’ve been looking around the best Captcha which will be integrated with my blog site and for each comments — commentator have to input the Captcha otherwise, you can not make any comments.

ReCaptcha, one of the best SPAM protecting service and they have wordpress plugins too. As well, in normal websites by following the documentation, user can integrate recaptcha with blogs, websites or anywhere else where they spammer attacking actually.

reCAPTCHA is a free, accessible CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books while blocking spam on your blog.

reCAPTCHA asks commenters to retype two words scanned from a book to prove that they are a human. This verifies that they are not a spambot while also correcting the automatic scans of old books. So you get less spam, and the world gets accurately digitized books. Everybody wins!

To open an account requres Gmail email address, just login and give your website address and get public API and private API key. Also, I’ve checked tons of features enabled with ReCaptcha.

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