Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage

GrameenPhone, that companies Internet service I’m using. They providing unlimited packages through recently they included new terms. The will keep the service unlimited until 5 GB but after that they will limit the speed — not the bandwidth. So, what actually I’m looking for to measure how much bandwidth I really need and I’m using per month too. To getting a Windows supportable Internet Bandwidth Manager is available but possible you will get some free virus too.

“Knowing how many gigabytes a month you’re using can be important if you have a metered internet connection, or your ISP measures your bandwidth and charges you if you go over. I know many Universities in the US have implemented bandwidth-overage charges (which students decry as unfair and stifling) to help combat bittorrent P2P filesharing, which will sap even a wide broadband connection. So, whatever your reason, you may want to see what applications are using bandwidth on your PC. The following instructions are for Windows XP / Vista.” — Elliot resolved the problems.

NetLimiter 2 Monitor, this software can resolve your problem. They have both freeware and paid version, just choose the NetLimiter 2 Pro is the best version and combined two features Bandwidth Manager + Net Speed; it will show the graph, how much you’re using per day, weekly, monthly basis and real time updates also visible in your screen.  You will get 28 days trail but little bit tricks can make it free and enjoy the service. Also, you can track the hidden updates, download in your speed. Each the process taking need speed and you can handle every process. As well, you can stop any functions — if that’s not important for you or not required.

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