What Metric or Statistic Need To Watch For Website Or Blogs

ProBlogger shared an interesting articles. Where I’m also amazed that I’m doing most of the things not frequently by trying to do so. Lets see what you’re doing and how you’re measuring the metric and statistic of your blogs or websites. Need better focus first and then keep going and keep growing…

  • for some it’ll be mainly about traffic – for some it is visitor numbers, for others it will be page views.
  • other bloggers are more interested in subscriber numbers – against there is variation here, RSS and/or Email subscribers.
  • some bloggers are more regularly checking the bottom line – earnings. This might be affiliate earnings, advertising earnings or even the sales of their own products.
  • another group of bloggers are more interested in reader engagement – so comment numbers, ReTweet counts or Facebook ‘likes’ might grab their attention
  • some bloggers are more focused upon the social media space and are monitoring Twitter or Facebook follower/friend numbers or how often they are replied to or interacted with.
  • other bloggers get more into the more detailed stats – looking at things like bounce rate, time on site, page views per visit, referrals (where traffic is arriving from) or looking at what the most popular posts are doing in terms of traffic.
  • further still, other bloggers are more into SEO and are always analyzing how many links are coming into their blog, how their blog ranks for certain keywords etc.

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