WordPress Shorcuts – Better Blogging Experience

I’m using Office 2007 and using lots of shortcuts and using less mouse it’s better to use Keyboard shortcuts. To saving a lot time “shortcut” is the only options and WordPress WYSIWIG Editor has shortcut and most of the user don’t know about it. You can make your words Bold, Italic, Underline and press ctrl+s — instantly it will save your contents as draft. Don’t you think it’s productive and saving your a lot time and even you don’t need to worry to lost your data. Simple and easy to use.

From the Profile page, give a Tick Mark in-front of “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation. More information. You have done and now you’re ready to use shortcuts.

  1. Bold: Alt+SHIFT+b
  2. Italics: Alt+SHIFT+i
  3. Link: Alt+SHIFT+a
  4. Blockquote: Alt+SHIFT+q
  5. Code: Alt+SHIFT+c
  6. Read More: Alt+SHIFT+t
  7. Unordered List (ul): Alt+SHIFT+u
  8. Ordered List (ol): Alt+SHIFT+o
  9. List Item (li): Alt+SHIFT+l
  10. 10.  Advanced Editor: Alt+SHIFT+v
  11. 11.  Publish the Post: Alt+SHIFT+p
  12. 12.  ins: Alt+SHIFT+s
  13. 13.  del: Alt+SHIFT+d
  14. 14.  Unquote/outdent: Alt+SHIFT+w
  15. 15.  Undo: Alt+SHIFT+u
  16. 16.  Redo: Alt+SHIFT+y
  17. 17.  Edit HTML: Alt+SHIFT+e
  18. 18.  Align Left: Alt+SHIFT+f
  19. 19.  Align Center: Alt+SHIFT+c
  20. 20.  Align Right: Alt+SHIFT+r
  21. 21.  Ctrl+[number] to get various header sizes on highlighted text.

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