Google Voice Mobile Apps For Android and BlackBerry Devices

Google today announced about the new Google Voice mobile app on Android and BlackBerry devices. The introduced features called “Direct Access Numbers”.

“At Google we are obsessed with speed. Our mantra is faster = better,” says Google software engineer Flavio Lerda. “This is true for our Google Voice mobile apps as well. When you want to make a call, your phone should connect you as quickly as possible, whether you’re calling via Google Voice or not.”

“Until today, the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server every time you wanted to make a call to send us the phone number you wanted to dial,” explains Lerda. “Then the call would be connected via a Google Voice access number. With direct access numbers, we assign a unique phone number to every person you call. This means that we no longer need to use your data network to access the server each time you make a call, so calls will be placed much faster.”

In the last month, Google Voice opened for everyone though it’s still not available officially in tons of country, they allowing only in US.

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