Twitter Buzz: Does Adding Twitter To A Brand Make It Cooler?

In internet some companies successfully buzz about brands world wide like, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace. But, Twitter introduced in a different way to communicate with customers — that real time direct communication. Introduced both way real-time communication — customer can share information, give feedback or negative response about products or service, as well ask directly to company about the problems and instant get response from direct companies and as well company track the customers problems and improve their problems in products and service and expand the business successfully to gain more profits.

Although, Now twitter has more users then — the second largest social networks, after the Facebook. However, Robert shared some interesting facts, I think we should consider and think about it. Now peoples are feeling happy to use Twitter and feels better to merge brands.

Robert says,

“I’m noticing this with more and more brands: they are using Twitter to get an edge on their competition in the branding war — I’m seeing more and more “follow us on Twitter signs” in restaurants, malls, and even amusement parks. Are you noticing this too? Question is, does adding Twitter to a brand make it cooler?

To me it does.


1. It sends a signal to the world that you want to hear from your customers.
2. It sends a signal to the world that you’ll use the latest technology to communicate with them. Many of whom are no longer using email. My son, for instance, rarely uses email to communicate with his friends.
3. It lets you feature your customers. Notice the pictures on Lorenzo’s bike? They are his fans on Twitter. Win-win.
4. It gives your team a way to communicate in one stream all the photos and stuff.
5. It lets you bridge audiences around the world. Look at how he mixes Spanish and English together on Tweets.”

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