Globalized Life of Sakib

// Microsoft Bing Maps Data Center //Mostly, I woke up at 5 AM with the Alarm and sounds producing from my cell phone and idea of clock came from Levi Hutchins, inventors from State of New Hampshire in the United States and the cell integrated with lots of components and which is made in Korea, Battery made by China and the company is Nokia, one of the most leading multinational company and the Headquarters of the company in Tampere, Finland.

When the time is ticking, before to reach the time at 9AM, I open the computer and start the important downloads to get the files faster, using by Mass Download Manager, which is made by US developers. Also, the Dual Monitor I’m using everyday both are manufactured by Samsung corporation and my Optical Mouse & Perfect keyboard made by Chinese too and the CPU fully assembled by Chinese parts, except the INTEL Micro-Processor Chip and the Hard Disk/ Hard Drive / HD made in Taiwan, possibly HP/Maxtor and I brought the entire PC from IDB and my elder who informed he used ATM booth to get instant money in IDB and the idea of ATM booth technology, comes out from Luther George Simjian, who is Armenian-American inventor and also lots of people contributed for the development of ATM.

Whatever, to getting access, I’ve to use Mozilla Browser, which also made by Netscape Communications Corporation, US based a large corporation, giving the software free of cost.
However, the time is ticking, I start to checking my email, service of Google Inc, which is US based multinational company and co-founded by two friends Larry Page & Sergey Brin. Google taking multiple time backups of my emails, documents, custom Google search engines, my web based libraries and so on products I’m using (though I’m not paying directly) and the server is around the world such as South America, North America, China, Japan and South & North Korea – because of the efficient usages of the resource & decreasing the operating cost and such efficient usages and effective usages of technology. And most interesting thing is, when we are searching anything, more then 10K cheap server taking the load and query the keywords and bring less then one seconds in front of the screen. Can we think about it?

I’m moving towards depends on the clock of my mobile phone and taking the idea to my To-Do-List. When I’m spending valuable time in Traffic Jam, presently I’m listening Getting Things Done – The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity By David Allen, the writer is an American and his books enlisted as Best Sellers of NYC. The idea of digital formatted audio books, such as mp3 format and such audio books – the idea generated by Don Katz, New Jersey another states of United States and who already sold his company to with $300 Million, another one Multinational company founded by American Entrepreneur, named Jeff Bezos and I’m regular user of Amazon to wish-list-ing books & gadgets.

Still, I’m using Microsoft Word 2007 to write this on, the software developed in US, under the Microsoft Corporation, a multinational computer technology corporation. I can spread my each words through the Internet and the entire world will know less then a seconds that — how I’m integrated, connected & Globalized.

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