Does Google Search Engine Nowadays Time Killing Machine

Google — one of the world’s most innovative company and well known for search engine but most recently I figure out — Google not only engaging millions of SEO experts but also engaging webmasters to optimize every websites thus Google can get that website instantly — we the webmasters accepting it and that’s organic search brings more visitors and gaining more profits from the advertisements.

Though from the trillions of search, I found sometimes some webmasters mislead us and providing nothing and as well showing they have the information — but actually they generated only url on search results. Killing your time, two ways “they have url but not relevant information — though search engine showing” secondly, “they combining two or three keywords to make a single sentence — which indicating that they holding the information — but that’s all are fake” — and all tricks are reviled when you’ll visit the websites. Most of the Indian’s are integrating Blackhat SEO and as well some well known US based websites working together to killing your time.

See an example

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