Google Instant Impacts In Search Queries: Impression Increased

Google Instant, giving instant results in your screen — just start typing and Google will automatically complete the search and without hitting enter –less then 3 seconds it will visible results. In that way the impression of websites increased. In Google Webmaster Central they discussed about few important things.

Impressions are measured in three ways with Google Instant:

1. Your site is displayed in search results as a response to a user’s completed query (e.g. by pressing “enter” or selecting a term from autocomplete). This is the traditional model. With Google Instant, we also measure impressions in these new cases:
2. The user begins to type a term on Google and clicks on a link on the page, such as a search result, ad, or a related search.
3. The user stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of 3 seconds.

Why the impression is increase, just because of the result is showing so faster and automatically that’s increasing the impressions. “The term ‘hotels’ would also be included in the HTTP referrer when the user clicks through to visit your website– GWC says”

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