Google Engine: New Ranking Algorithm Can Kill Small Business

In Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, introduced a newly integrated ranking algorithm in search engine and depends on yours search the user can get specified information a website. In 10 results, from the specified address the user will get 7 results at first page and only 3 from others. At the beginning it looks great and better way to get more information but it’s now contradictory and lots of users against. As because, the top ranked competitors just moving one step forward and the 2nd positioned competitor moved to 8th position.

Exhibitions at amnh,if you google this, you will get all results from Amnh and this query takes place of 7 results. “Prior to today’s change, only two results from would have appeared for this query. Now, we determine that the user is likely interested in the Museum of Natural History’s website, so seven results from the domain appear. Since the user is looking for exhibitions at the museum, it’s far more likely that they’ll find what they’re looking for, faster. The last few results for this query are from other sites, preserving some diversity in the results. — Google Webmaster Central Blog says”

Users getting less priority in such updates and under this poss such long conversation on going and Google should revert this updates to saving a lot small business, an user says Google should revert back this feature. It hurts small business. We work hard to get on first page of Google. With this feature,I see my competition taking half of the page and I am out to no where. Remove this feature, Remove this feature — smogcheck”

After this updates t’s really tough when two web companies competition are extensive in search ranks and also tough when 2nd position goes to 8th position and 1st position (main competitor) take 7 more positions in the first page.

[30something said…

I was 2nd on the page for my search term – now I’m 9th, underneath 8 pages from my competitor.

yeah, a real nice start to my weekend.]

[ said…

That’s amazing news! Thanks Google for this update!

can you place here a simple example of your query what you talking about?.. I think you just a good fabricator :)]

[30something said…

I’ve posted in the webmaster help forum, with a screen shot. Competitor has first position, with site links, then 8 other pages listed knocking me down from 2nd to 9th. Very bad update.]

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