How Google Adsense Works

Google Adsense is an advertisement serving company, products of Google Inc. With the different format of contextual , images, video — serving advertisement over the publishers websites. Google allowing free registration and web owner or webmaster can generate revenue by showing Google Adsense ads on the websites. Google Adsense generating relevant advertisement on the websites, paying monthly basis payments over the cheque, EFT, western money union. (depends on country). Recently, Google introduced new user interface, much user friendly and accessible.

Google not only offering Adsense ads for websites, but also user can show ads in RSS Feed, custom search engine–where user will gain revenue for users searches.


  • Much easier to registration an account with Gmail account.
  • Less then 72 hours, users getting approval of using Google Adsense
  • Relevant advertisement, engaging users to learn more, side by side publishers earning more.
  • Ads placement generates more revenue and high traffic websites getting higher revenue from adsense.
  • Different size and different format of advertisement making Adsense much easier.
  • Payments are realizing when $100 reached, user can hold or take monthly payments.



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