How Linkedin Works

More then 80 million users around the world connected over the online professional networks, LinkedIn. Linkedin, it’s kind of social network like facebook, myspace but it’s targeting only business professional peoples around the world and executives of Fortune 500 companies members are in linkedin. Linkedin professional networks where people can find jobs, looking for jobs connect and connect with relevant field experts, communicate and creating groups with specific niche, creating companies profiles. Every user getting options to customize entire profile, show past working experiences, present working company (companies) and sharing rich contents, videos, photos.


  • 80 Million professionals network, easier to find business opportunities and find potential partners.
  • Relevant, potential people members in same networks.
  • Maximum user friendly, Advanced Search Engine built inside linkedin, where user jobs keywords, locations, range and so on.
  • Customizable profile, can be private and public with unique vanity URLs
  • Both paid and free accounts available in Linkedin.




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