How Envolve Works

Web based chatting service, look alike Facebook Chat service. Facebook created a place, where friends & family can stay together and connected together. Envolve engaging web visitors for better social communication, discussion, private chat and social share. Web visitors can create new public chat and with real-time Google Translation translate more then 50 languages, so language doesn’t matter for communication. The owner later can digg to the chat archive to see the interest of users. Small scripts will enable this chat features to websites, simple-slick-user friendly.


  • Facebook Chat types web based for webmasters for free
  • Public and private chats features integrated.
  • Google Translate ready to translate 50 languages in realtime
  • All conversation will be archived.
  • The chat and conversation can be shared with twitter, facebook and email direct link to anyone.
  • Maximum userfriendly user interface and simple way to enable this features to websites.



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