How Groupon Works

Daily basis of discount deals, when minimum numbers of customer interested about best deals are popular local goods, services and cultural events. Groupon giving this service more then 150 cities around the world. This service connecting buyer and seller in same networks and in entertaining way both gaining sells and purchase. The customer getting buying power in local markets. Groupon originated the concept of using collective buying to get a daily deal on local goods and services, and is an outgrowth of, an online community launched in 2007 for organizing all forms of group action and fund-raising around a “tipping point” of required participants” — explains


  • Giving huge discounts on popular local goods, services and cultural events.
  • When a minimum number of people agree to buy, the deals are activated then.
  • Seller-Buyer both gaining benefits, like Win-Win.
  • Using social networks like facebook, twitter can get best deals. “Groupon is a city guide, a social tool and the best way to experience your city without paying full price.”
  • More then 150 citites under this service around world.
  • Send gift to friend & family anywhere.



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