How Box Works

Online file storage service which is best for individuals to business and integrated applications giving more access to users to engage in collaborative works and team works from different locations, of-course securely. Using OpenBox applications, users can edit documents, making blog post, sync desktop files with web, android application to access from smart-phone, increasing professionalism by showing documents inside LinkedIn. Depends on your needs, Box has communication, converting, CRM, Desktop, Editing, Mobile applications, Previewing, printing, publishing, sharing, widgets — such features make is much better and simple file sharing service.

“Box has become an extension of us. It’s part of our system and how we communicate and work together.” — Brian Vos, Jump Studios


  • Both free and business accounts available.
  • Collaboration functionality which allowing to access multiple people to engage in share of documents, photos, or videos with colleagues, clients, or even with friends.
  • Seamless Integration with Google Apps, SalesForce, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Organize your file, folders and rename your file and folders, drag and drop your files from one folder to another folder
  • Sync your desktop files and get anywhere.
  • Make access restriction and with set of control commands.
  • Files encrypt with 256-bit SSL, more secure then you expect.
  • Embed your documents or files with small scripts to your website.


Videos – Business collaboration software Training: Sharing files (or keeping them private)

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