How Orkut Works

With the 100 million active users worldwide, Orkut is one of the large social networking website which is owned by Google Inc. Using Gmail email account, user can find friends, business networking, dating and invite new friends, share status, photos, videos and scraps to others profile. Each user have their own unique profile in detail and other can make comments, communicate and discuss over the community in different category (badges, communication, dating, finance, music, news, sports, politics and so on). Any of friend is online means, in Orkut, that will show in right hand button corner side (live chat) and users can change the theme or color of user interface. From events management, applications , messaging, privacy settings all are under this Orkut social networks. However, the growth of Orkut falls down, because of competitor of Facebook & Myspace.


  • 100 million active users worldwide
  • Gmail email accounts giving access.
  • Easier to communicate with friends, family, partners, business networking and dating.
  • Community growing, discussion full featured
  • Applications integration brings more rich things under accounts
  • Live Chat, messaging and so on
  • Privacy settings and much more.



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