How Disqus Works

Disqus aiming to create community and discussion platform in your websites worldwide and with so many powerful tools. It helps to engage more audience to your website, your site can be small blog or large networks. Basically, they integrate commenting features which works in realtime, social integration (like facebook, twitter, Yahoo, OpenId) and so on. With the tons of features, they supporting WordPress, Tumblr, Drupla, Blogger and so on networks and as well they have mobile access, full customization, profile management with unique vanity URls and user getting rates from networks. Entire things are SEO friendly, supporting international languages, comments black-white listing, user friendly moderation tools, mobile applications, link sharing, community streams, activity steams and profile streams.


  • Real-time comment system–Comments become more like live discussions with realtime posting and updating.
  • Social integration–lets giving more user access to your visitors
  • The community box widgets in your website.
  • Community profiles of each users and in details information
  • In the comments page, liking and sharing options enabled.
  • Social integration with Twitter, Facebook, OpenID available.
  • Interactive anti-spam technology, which will protect your community or website from spams.
  • Mobile apps available for the iPhone, Android, and webOS phones. Manage your communities while you’re on the go with these freely available apps.
  • Translated in over 40 languages and supporting international languages and fully customizable and contribute to reach your languages.
  • Search engine friendly commenting system.
  • Export/Import and sync your comments with Disqus.
  • Profile management, Tweets and reactions tracking, activity steam, social stream tracking features integrated.



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