How LastPass Works

LastPass is online & desktop password manager and it’s sync information securely and store your website login and password information securely. On next time access, instantly user can access, even if the user forgot the password of the website–lastpass will remember the information and help to access website seamlessly. The service is secure not only, works in multi platform and supporting Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers too. Auto-form filling, storing notes, synchronization, one-click login– user needs to remember only the master password, the rest of will handle LastPass.


  • Free and Premium (only $1 per month) service available.
  • Supporting around 48 international languages, so access with your native language.
  • Automatic form filling features enabled.
  • One click login — so no need to try password again and again.
  • Secure your data to protect identity theft
  • Synchronize your information with browsers to computers
  • Store notes securely.
  • Backup and restore your information, don;t lost anyways.
  • Generate secure password using LastPass.
  • Access from anywhere, any computers.
  • USB access are available, if you need to access from Cyber Cafe–user portable apps.
  • Maximum protection from Key Loggers hack attempts
  • Smart phone access (like iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android) — only for premium users.
  • 24/7 emergency phone or email support for premium users.



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