How WhoRush Works

Based on user input of IP addresses, domain names, Google AdSense IDs, Google Analytics IDs, name server records, mail exchange records — it’s analyzing and comparing parameters between 130 millions of websites and giving information, where it found similar information. User can track how many times Adsense ID being used and where it used, in which websites the injected and the web address — to get all the things, just single input of  Pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Giving domain with extension, WhoRush can find other similar domain information, Google Adsense ID code, Google Analytics ID, IPs, NS records, MX record and so on detail information. It’s giving free and paid service both and premium user can only see more detailed similar sites information.


  • Database contains information on more than 130 millions domains.
  • To track your competitors activities in somewhere else, try with Google Adsense ID, Analytics, IPs or direct Web address.
  • Easier way to Find related websites or your web competitors.
  • Niche finding, competitive analysis and Domain Analysis some other data.
  • WhoRush has free (limited access) and paid service (unlimited access) available.
  • To earn money, join to affiliates of WhoRush.


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  1. Official Website
  2. Helps in Domains analysis, Competitive analysis