How CitySearch Works

CitySeach is an online local guide, which providing information about best local business including restaurants, shops, hotels, bars and others. More then 75000 location enlisted nationwide under CitySearch and 14.5 million plus users making review and rating about the local business which helpful for others. “According to metropolitan area, people can search for places to go as the site contains information for venues in practically all major US cities.” CitySearch is growing with 600,000 customer reviews and much easier to find best places.

CitySearch is the essential local guide for living bigger, better and smarter in your city. Covering more than 75,000 locations nationwide, we combine in-the-know editorial recommendations, candid user comments and expert advice from local businesses, and we keep you connected to the most popular and undiscovered places wherever you are.

For the best in your city, check out Citysearch’s popular Best of CitySearch competition, which allows you to nominate and vote for the best local businesses nationwide. Various campaigns run throughout the year, including Best Restaurants, Best Nightlife, Best Spa & Beauty, Best Shopping, Best Hotels and Best Services. Check for new polls, new winners and the most up-to-date Best of Citysearch information in your city. — CitySearch Says.


  • Covering more than 75,000 locations nationwide.
  • CitySearch combined editorial recommendations, candid user comments and expert advice from local businesses.
  • Easier to find most popular and undiscovered place
  • 14.5 million business listed in CitySearch
  • Full overview of the restaurant, bar or shop — available.
  • Search Engine and specific location wise categorization made it user friendly.
  • Location details with contact numbers and maps navigation.
  • User can make review, include photos and include direction over the maps and rate about the local business.


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city search


city search


  1. Video Tour of Houston Businesses
  2. Official page of CitySearch
  3. CitySearch on CrunchBase

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