How Google Friend Connect Works

Google Friend Connect seamlessly making social community  in your website or blog site and grow the community, communicate with each others. Without any programming skills, small script integration will enable complete community functionality to your website or blog — so members can communicate over the social community, share comments and subscribe news and so on.


  • Members gadgets — which enable to users to join your site, create profile, find others and invite friends to join.
  • Socaial Bar — The position of the bar can be top or bottom and user can leave comments, check the recent activities on the sites
  • Comments — Leaving comments or opinions and including Youtube video, the comments can be enabled everywhere.
  • Rating and Review — User can rate and review any pages and that helps to improve it.
  • Interests Poll — Publisher (you) can ask relevant question to your website visitors and arrange Poll and take the feedback from your visitors.
  • Featured contents, newsletter gadgets and tons of gadgets available in gallery pages.
  • By showing relevant ads from Google Adsense, web publishers can make money too.



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  1. Official Website of Google Friend Connect

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