How InfoAxe Works

InfoAxe person web memory or personal web archive. When user searching on web, reading news, articles, watching videos infoaxe will remember all the surfed websites information, collecting the information and stored to web personalized memory for you. Later, without using bookmarking service or random search, user get relevant/ specific information from Infoaxe. It has page TAG feature and free toolbar. User can control on and off the record of InfoAxe.

Infoaxe (, is a Personal Browsing History Search Engine. With Infoaxe every page that you visit on the Internet gets added to a collection called your Personal Web Memory and infoaxe makes this collection, search-able across all the computers you use. Thanks to Infoaxe, there is no need to ever bookmark a page again. It makes getting back to web pages seen in the past (like videos, news articles etc) extremely fast and easy. Infoaxe also lets you ‘pivot’ around web pages seen in the past to see other pages that you visited at the same time. Tagging and sharing pages from your web memory with your friends is also very convenient with Infoaxe. — Official says


  • Personal Browsing History Search Engine, its collecting information, stored the information, request time bring the information.
  • Every page when you will see, it will store to known as personal Web Memory and search-able anytime.
  • Getting back to your archive to find rich content of images, photos, video or searched query — much easier.
  • Back to past time and see your past results and surfed pages.
  • Tag your favorite articles, news, videos and query things and visit with one click

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Web Stats






  1. Official Website
  2. Infoaxe – Your Personal Web Memory. No more bookmarking!
  3. InfoAxe Raises $3 Million For The Search Engine For Your Web History

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