How Wibiya Works

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Generating free Web Toolbar for your websites, blogs site. You can add several applications and customize the applications and integrates several social networks & functionality within the toolbar. It helps to engage your reader, boost traffic on your websites. Visitors can engage in conversation, get notification, social bookmarking, become member of your websites, become fan of your website on facebook, follow you on twitter and so on things. Also, it reports about weekly engagement, graphical analysis which gives clear idea how your websites visitors accessing your websites and using social networks . Without installing any script or code, anyone can use this web applications.


  • Free & paid service available.
  • It boost your Blog/Website with Rich & Interactive Features
  • Integrate Twitter & Facebook — visitors can be your fan and reader can tweet and share the pages.
  • Generate more page views using web applications such as Latest Posts, Real Time Users and more
  • Promote your content using great 3D galleries, games, live broadcasting and other fantastic web toolbar applications
  • Track your traffic growth, sources and trends with easy to use analytic
  • Communicate with your readers — Broadcast messages, notifications and alerts in real time
  • Discover a growing variety of web applications that will enhance your reader’s experience
  • Enjoy a full tracking and management system for each web application.
  • Add and remove web toolbar applications with one simple click
  • It supports Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Joomla, Drupal, Ning and static web platforms too.


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