How Conduit Works

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Conduit giving power to user to create personalized/ custom apps for the websites. More then 260000 web publishers and 200 millions user already engaged with this award-winning conduit platform. Web publishers can create their own apps including to add their own brand, contents, social networks — several ways to engage your users with your websites. Supporting most of the browser of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome. Major websites using their apps to spread the brand all around the world, like League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, the Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, the National Hockey League, Travelocity, and TechCrunch and so on companies using their customize apps


  • Powerful apps build by yourself and integrate your web logo, feeds, search engine & social apps and engage with web users.
  • Reach over 200 million active users — get connected.
  • Increase your websites traffic and get more loyal web users and generate more revenue.
  • Use App Marketplace to create your own Apps or choose the ready-made one.
  • Track your web users activities and get detailed graphical status and understand how does it works & the effects.
  • Share customized message, updates, RSS feed, social sharing, engage in web chat, engage games and much more applications.
  • Fully customizable toolbar from every look.
  • Get paid, earn money for each download of your web apps.

Screen-shots - Create Apps - Create a Toolbar

front page of Counting the users join in realtime.

Apps Type - Conduit

Create Apps or Browse Apps. Generate Revenue.

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