How VdoLife Works

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vdoLife an interactive web applications which helps to promote your websites, give your elevator speech to your web visitor and teach them how your website works. “Easy to use, it allows you to overlay a vdoSpokesperson on a web site without interfering with the site’s normal operations or making any changes to it. ”


  • Quick – Your vdo can go live within 72 hours.
  • Easy – Just add one line of HTML to your site and track your success.
  • Effective – Increase your site’s conversion rate for a minimal investment.
  • Simple & Easy to installation, it will take less then 5 minutes
  • Instant tracking — measure your ROI immediately.
  • Superior technology — cross promotions, video email, focus testing
  • Fully customisable – Your VdoSpokesperson, choose which fits with your company or customise it.

Screen-shots, founder of Shama Kabani telling about her company & how does it work for the customers.

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