How Aardvark Works

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Using an unique technology Aardvark created such social platform where user can ask & answer question. You can ask and get answer from your friends, your contacts, from your networks too and as well forward you question — the entire application will pop-up on your Instant Messenger (IM), it can maintained from websites or Instant Messenger. Asking question, getting respond, forwarding another thanks including some cheers. And Aardvark promising you will get your answer within few minutes. Consider it — a community of experts, select or give your expertise information, when some asked a question if that relevant with your profession — you can give the reply instantly.  Lastly, Google Inc. acquired this Aardvark company with 50 million dollar.


  1. Community of experts, free to ask question and get respond within few minutes from experts.
  2. Using Google Mail account, anyone can register — ask question, give answer from Instant Messenger like Gtalk, Yahoo IM.
  3. Send request to your known person or friend who might give you the answer.
  4. Share your answer / question on social networks like Facebook.

Screen-shots showing the process, how does Vark works

Start typing your question and get respond within few minutes.

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