How ProductWiki Works

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ProductWiki real users community, generating information about products, including pros-cons of the products. Getting real people all around the world and as well getting respond and collaboraite contribution makes the website comprehensive, value-able for the customers. Over the web about a product, you will get multi types of respond but here it focused, maximum, minimum are specified — to get instant idea about your products before to buy it.


  • Review products using our Collaborative Reviews.
  • Comment on products
  • Create lists of products as: love, want or have, or any other tag you choose (for example – 25th birthday, cd collection, top 5 movies)
  • Publish your list of products on your blog with images
  • Search for products using different criteria to narrow your search – if you’re looking for a dress, you can further narrow down the field by selecting a “strapless dress, that is also knee-length”.
  • Write reviews, buying guides or rants
  • Ask questions, answer questions, have discussions
  • Add products – any product can be added to ProductWiki, if the category doesn’t exist you can create it! We also encourage self-promotion, so if you make a product that you want to sell, add it to ProductWiki (although we have some guidelines to follow first)
  • Add links to ProductWiki that might be useful – product reviews, manufacturer’s homepage, or blog posts.


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