How Hipchat Works

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HipChat is web based and desktop IM based chat services for team collaboration. For startups, small businesses, virtual teams and as well from big companies must required efficient meetings, email trends, better sharing environment. HipChat brought all those features in single platform. Responding to your clients, colleagues in real-time from AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and Skype Im from anywhere and share the files of PDFs, mockups and documents within the web client in conversation time. Share links, engage in side conversation, find the chat plus file history and full control over  the chat room.


  • HipChat is a hosted private chat service for your company or team.
  • Supercharge team collaboration with group chat and IM.
  • Get your team off AIM, Google Talk, and Skype
  • Access from your smart-phone like, iPhone
  • Control your private group and make it accessible from your employees, colleagues and team.
  • Access from their web browser and respond in real-time.
  • Share links, images and store the files and get history of your conversation
  • For your clients, vendors, or live customer support — make it accessible and including welcome your guest too.
  • Spell checking , emotions to express your feelings and video conversation and much more features.



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