Brought Amazon Kindle, Bangladesh

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

To buying a Amazon Kindle is not easy form Bangladesh. doesn’t shipping to Bangladesh. I guess, there has some shipping and postal and shipping complexity. So, I brought from Bangladesh with the help of Ahsan brother (ordered from Bangladesh), and shipped to my Uncle Sydney, Australia from United States. And then my Uncle accept the product within 3 days and give to his friend — who were coming Bangladesh. And on Friday I received that product.

Experiences:’s Amazon Kindle is ebook reading gadgets, if you love to read books a lot — buy it. To reading books for long time and carrying all of your favorite books is hassle, much more weight. Where, you can store up-to 3000 books in your Amazon Kindle. Ready anywhere, carry with you all the time, connect with Internet or offline — ready books anywhere, anytime. If you start to reading books and read for a long time, it will give you comfort in your eyes, long time reading will give you the flavor of paper books reading experiences in your digital kindle. I already created my personal libray on web, I access from web to download/browse the books.


I can browse the web, I can check my Gmail, search in engines, social networking, status updates — most of the necessary I can do. Expect watching videos.


Amazon is not good fit with PDF files, re-flowing the PDF. Most of my books are PDF, so I’m using calibre to convert the books (but this software doesn’t bother the PDF file’s formation). PDF works in kindle but the text is very little, where they support AZW format and it will enable dictionary functions, books listening support and notes taking support very smoothly.

Note: I really don’t have time to write a review — you might get a lot error. Even don’t have time to proof read.



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