Don’t Be A Free User

I’m just stopping by Don’t Be A Free User, “Pinboard is a bookmarking site and personal archive with an emphasis on speed over socializing.”. I would like include few lines. I have seen a lot free websites, they are allowing users to register on the websites for free and as well offering paid services – the more you will pay, more you will get features/ services. The structure you’ve shared and acquisition you’ve shared, those have sustainable business model, it will transform like “stagnaut– making very little money”; “Growing – making a lot money”; Exploding “spending less, making more then expected”.

To make such standards that way, I’d disagree with that. Like Delicious, they are providing free services to the customers and already acquired and they didn’t shuts down and as well they didn’t limit users with 1000 books or .001*users = more I have to pay; if you do follow such strategy – lets see in future. Also, take a look of – they are providing free services “upload as much photo as you want with limited features” and once you will paid you will get more. Also, to sustain in competitive market, you’ve to give free and as well you need such future forecasted business model that will make money for your business, same things will happen every morning “I wake up and dive into my vault of golden coins.”

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