Mobile Application Testing Begins

I’ve started to test an applications which runs within three platforms such as, Android Devices, iPhone Devices and it supports desktop enviroments. If our objectives to make the mobile applications functional and considering usability is slick and very much stable, we really should go through some development and testing process. To make this testing process simplifed and efficient and cost-effective — it requires some development process and testing approaches. From the developers sides, the developer must be ensured that the browser supports JavaScript, XML HTTP Request Object, CSS support – once the developer will being the development phase. How about or what sort of approahces would be best from the purspective of Tester or QA? Tester or QA should be ensured that the final version which runs on devices is funtional and stable.

The best testing approach for the mobile application should be following.

  • First test on the desktop browser to find the functional bugs and make sure that functionality of the site is stable.
  • Once the site or module functionality is complete, then test on the device emulator to get the browser/platform coverage (in case if you don’t have the device).
  • If device is already available, then test on the device itself to find the device specific bugs instead of testing on the emulator.

Via Best Practices for Mobile Web App Testing, Part I



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