Lean Startups & Customers Feedback

I’m big fan of lean practices  and digging deep to learn more about lean start-ups and whenever I find a problem – I try to verify the idea.

Into the process, it requires to understand the customers requirements or what they want or what problem they are having face and you have to solve it. And once you have it, you have to iterate the process and improve the products and get more customers.

So, I was looking for what would be the best way to deal with customers. We have normally seen, how companies deal with customers.

  • Sending them mail or
  • On request we get responds from web companies about problem, if that doesn’t cover the FAQ pages.
  • Or dispatching a newsletter with survery link – to get better insights of customers demand.
I liked JoliCloud – they made is very simply to deal with customers and curious to discuss with customers just like we do gossip.

I liked it very much. I wanted to try this out. Even, some user might give quickly feedback and later on they can do voting in between customers and dispatch friendly messages to get more ideas “what customers holding” into their mind.

I have seen similar features 4 years ago, while I was using WordPress.com. One of my favorite company they were and still I love their each chances and they have a button – clicks to it will down and open a simple form. Input your description (not your name, mail address or other things) and if the problem looks complex (I got browser issues with widgets), Matt directly deal with me.

I was so inspired, they care a much about their customers — more then you expect. I don’t know how could they do such engineering, features enhancement, development  warming the users and creating users interactions in a continuous state which is truely helps to grow the organization.

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