Linkedin Research: What I found

I live in Bangladesh, went for a while in UK last year. While I was in UK, I found something interesting in LinkedIn. It has started to offering me free premium account, more contacts from UK.


Research’s objective:

  1. Do they provide regional offers to users?
  2. New development, UI enhancement comes to which region first?
  3. Track the potential customers?

I found:

  1. I found yes they offer regional basis offer. I’m using linkedin 2007, I never found single offer to try premium account for free. But, they tracked my IPs, locations and keep started pushed their premium account for free. They asked my billing information.Your Profile - LinkedIn
  2. Yes, I believe the initially phase release doesn’t impact instantly all the users – it comes gradually from USA, Australia, Canada and other developed country – those are economically sound country and then land to Asia.
  3. Smart enough, when they found your region – they found more or less information about the financial status of yours. A lot portion of potential customers already out – so keep offering premium account for a try, if convinced – they will be regular customers and if they forgot, automatic billing system start charging from your card. That was annoying which has discovered in a discussion.

    Purchase- Billing Information - LinkedIn

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