Green Cucumber (Test Automation) is fun, errors are challenges

I was doing some work on a portal project, Moteel Portal. A client side solution. It works seamlessly in between several parties and make a sync data distribution for a online booking reservation.

  1. Moteel – Core platform, which stores all the branches, available, unavailable, occupied rooms
  2. Moteel Portal
    1. Corporate Users – Those are already signed with us, they will have special discount rate with us and rate will be shown to them, if they are logged into the portal
    2. Guest Users – They are just normal users/guest, those will who will take booking to our system. We will reserve room for them into the moteel core and branches will be informed, transaction will be made
    3. Registered Portal Users – Guest can be registered to our system with mobile verification and booking online rooms and moteel core will reserve the room and let to know other parties.

Testing the contact form with multiple scenarios