Trello has flaws too

Trello is amazing tools and I do use it everyday and I found a bug 🙂

Let me explain the steps:

  1. Forget password page
  2. Input valid / registered email address
  3. Trello will let you know – “Help is on the way”
  4. Email – You will have email with reset password link
  5. Click to reset password link
  6. You will have seen two (2) fields to set “new password”
  7. Give ABCD and submit
  8. You will have success message
  9. Now use Back Button of browser and go back to the previous shown (2) field page.
  10. Give another password XYZ
  11. And submit – second (2nd) attempts to change the password
  12. You will have messages – you’ve already set the password (means, ABCD – the first one)
  13. Now, try login with username and password ABCD – system won’t allow you
  14. This time, try to login with surname and password XYZ – system will allow you to log into system.

See, if you forget to close the browser. And someone little bit naughty and tricky and the guy can replace your account with his own password 🙂 Isn’t interesting!