How Screenr Works

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Web based free screencast application which empowering twitter users to record websites, computer activities, make video tutorials for free & share with twitter followers. Without installing any software, freeware it works in Mac OS and Windows OS. Without registration, user can make videos or to get maximum features, use Twitter account for registration. To start recording press the “RECORD” button, select the frame width/height — start recording and when done press Alt+D or Done button (located in the left hand corner). Your recorded video will be under you username, share on Twitter, Facebook and upload on Youtube or embed to your website.


  • Instant screencast for twitter.
  • Web based recorder — nothing to download
  • Record on your Mac or PC
  • Plays everywhere on the web and even on your smart phone like iPhone
  • It has several resolution, when published — you will get HD version.
  • The service is free and you can make video upto 5 minutes.

Screenshots front page, pressing record button will start recording your web or desktop activities.

How Yoono Works

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More then 5 million times download Yoono. Yoono comes with one mission to connect your friends and family from all around the social networks. No matter in which networks you belong, maintain multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, Forusquare, FriendFeed), make response, chat with Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, engage in conversation, share photos & videos, make comments. It has desktop and web based applications & smart phone (iPhone) applications for Windows Os, Mac and Linux system. Entire service is free and they covering several features.


  • Multiple social networks integrated and manageable from single desktop or web based applications.
  • Status updates to social networking, Yoono has Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn networks.
  • Photos to video hosting and sharing, Yoono has Flickr & Twitter.
  • For instant communication, integrated Live IM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk.
  • Column-wise your all networks and track updates in real-time
  • Get notification to your networks to desktop.


Yoono’s mission is to help you stay connected to your friends and family, discover cool new stuff, and allow you to easily share and discuss your discoveries with the people you care about. We’ve been around since spring 2006 but honestly we feel like we’re just getting started! We have a management team with experience from companies such as Netscape, AOL, eBay, and Yahoo!, a world class development team and a refrigerator that sometimes has cold beverages. Yoono is funded by AGF Private Equity, one of France’s leading venture capital investors.  — Official says

How Flickr Works

Flickr showing a photo and stats of the day: 6,894 uploads in the last minute, 160,129 things tagged with morning, 2.2 million things geo-tagged this month. Photo Courtesy:

Flickr, one of the world’s largest photo sharing, video hosting and online community where millions of users uploading and sharing photos, videos world wide. The Flickr lunched in February 2004 and co-founder Stewart Butterfield & co-founder Caterina Fake. More then four billion images hosted within October 2009 — explains official flickr blog.

In March 2005, Yahoo Inc, acquired Flickr and in December 2006, increased per month upload limit from 20 MB to 100 MB and as allowing Pro Account holders to uploading unlimited photos and shares. In April 2008, Flickr allowing paid users to upload videos and limited to 90 seconds in length and 150 MB in size. In March 2009, Flickr also introducing High Definition (HD) videos and allowing free users to upload normal resolutions.

Flickr not only allowing Paid users to upload photos, videos but also allowing free users to upload photos, videos. Free user can upload photos of 100 MB per month and allowed to upload 2 videos per month. Where Paid user can upload unlimited photos, videos and of-course allowed to upload HD videos.

If any account is inactive for 90 days, the account will be deleted from Flickr. On the other hand, Pro users getting unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.