How Readernaut Works

A privately funded growing projects Readernaut, where people can share their books reading experiences. What they are reading, what they have read or finished, making notes, tracks, show time-line of reading, adding to wish-list and find the books from different online books store like and discuss with friends over the community about the books, what they have learned, what liked or not. User getting unique URL, profile, books showcase, time-line of books reading, follow others, discuss others and make notes about the reading experiences.


  • Free registration & get unique vanity URL, profile, customizable theme.
  • User friendly search engine, search by ISBN or Books full name.
  • Twitter integrated to share with friends, “what’s you’re reading now”
  • Make notes about books and share with others.
  • Follow friends and Unfollow and discuss.
  • Tagging books and listing the books


Readernaut Books Showcase

Readernaut Books Showcase

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  1. Official Readernaut Website
  2. Readernaut: A New Way to Track and Share Your Reading Habits