How Udemy Works

Udemy growing online university, giving access free to learn and teach the world over the internet. You can create own online course and upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write articles and making the entire online course session jolly and direct communicate with student in live or in online chat and respond instantly. User will get their unique profile and as well they can subscribe the online courses and access anytime from anywhere and enjoy the full courses for free.

Udemy’s goal is to enable anyone to teach and learn online. In less than 5 minutes, you can create your own online course on Udemy. You can upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write articles. It’s fast, easy and free.

By making it easy to teach online, Udemy also brings together the best teachers on the internet in an effort to educate the world. That means if you want to learn Multivariable Calculus, you can. If you want to learn Photoshop, you can. If you want to learn more about the metaphor for good and evil as presented by the dark and light colors in Star Wars, you can on Udemy.


  • Udemy where anyone can teach and learn online.
  • Integrated full featured user-friendly platform to create online courses
  • Publish videos, presentations, articles and our new presentation/video mashup tool.
  • Communicate with students directly and share with social networks.
  • Marketing, PR, and SEO. We integrate with Facebook, Twitter and connect with blogs to ensure you reach your audience.
  • Interact LIVE with instructors through Udemy Live! Presentation-sharing, multiple live videos, chatroom and whiteboarding



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  1. Official Udemy Website
  2. Ideas Come From Everywhere by Marissa Mayer
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How Readernaut Works

A privately funded growing projects Readernaut, where people can share their books reading experiences. What they are reading, what they have read or finished, making notes, tracks, show time-line of reading, adding to wish-list and find the books from different online books store like and discuss with friends over the community about the books, what they have learned, what liked or not. User getting unique URL, profile, books showcase, time-line of books reading, follow others, discuss others and make notes about the reading experiences.


  • Free registration & get unique vanity URL, profile, customizable theme.
  • User friendly search engine, search by ISBN or Books full name.
  • Twitter integrated to share with friends, “what’s you’re reading now”
  • Make notes about books and share with others.
  • Follow friends and Unfollow and discuss.
  • Tagging books and listing the books


Readernaut Books Showcase

Readernaut Books Showcase

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  1. Official Readernaut Website
  2. Readernaut: A New Way to Track and Share Your Reading Habits

How Box Works

Online file storage service which is best for individuals to business and integrated applications giving more access to users to engage in collaborative works and team works from different locations, of-course securely. Using OpenBox applications, users can edit documents, making blog post, sync desktop files with web, android application to access from smart-phone, increasing professionalism by showing documents inside LinkedIn. Depends on your needs, Box has communication, converting, CRM, Desktop, Editing, Mobile applications, Previewing, printing, publishing, sharing, widgets — such features make is much better and simple file sharing service.

“Box has become an extension of us. It’s part of our system and how we communicate and work together.” — Brian Vos, Jump Studios


  • Both free and business accounts available.
  • Collaboration functionality which allowing to access multiple people to engage in share of documents, photos, or videos with colleagues, clients, or even with friends.
  • Seamless Integration with Google Apps, SalesForce, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Organize your file, folders and rename your file and folders, drag and drop your files from one folder to another folder
  • Sync your desktop files and get anywhere.
  • Make access restriction and with set of control commands.
  • Files encrypt with 256-bit SSL, more secure then you expect.
  • Embed your documents or files with small scripts to your website.


Videos – Business collaboration software Training: Sharing files (or keeping them private)

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Startups, Health, Sacrifice

Lots of things I’ve to organize everyday, today I joined in a seminer and then attended to MIS class. Also, I’ve spent 4 hrs in Traffic Jam and I start my working and sitting informt of computer and nowadays I’m feeling too tried and thinking will take some long rest but didn’t like to sleep — have to work, have to plan, have to implement and so on things rounding inside my mind — evern not getting a good friend thus I can discuss about the business. However, today I got an excellent post 10 Tips for Saving Your Life From Your Business by Tim Berry and lately I got another one superb posts, which is “Sacrifice your health for your startup” posted by Jason Cohen.

(Editor’s note: Jason Cohen is an angel investor and the founder of Smart Bear Software. This story originally appeared on his blog.)

The Internet is full of good advice about how to lead a healthy, balanced work/home life.

If you don’t have your health and your family, it generally says, nothing else matters. On your deathbed, will you wish you had worked longer hours or been a better parent? Will you wish you had spent more time Twittering or more time exercising, extending your life by five years?

Compelling thoughts. And yet, in my experience this attitude is not the path to success in small business.

Maximizing your chance for success means sacrificing health and family.

This sounds controversial, but it’s not just me:Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategist: “How do I Keep Up?” This is one of the most common questions I get from folks, or a variant: “Do you sleep?” or “Do you have a family?” I can answer succinctly: “I don’t, in shifts, and yes… I think.” … I’m lucky I fell into my passion. It comes with costs however, I’m out of shape, stressed, I don’t sleep well, and my blood pressure is up.

Mark Cuban, self-made millionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks on how he acheived success: “I slept on the couch or floor … Because I was living on happy hour food, and the 2 beer cover charge, I was gaining weight like a pig. But I was having fun. … Every night I would read [software manuals], no matter how late. … I remember sitting in that little office till 10pm … I would get so involved with learning that I would forget to eat …

More from Mark in an interview with YoungMoney Magazine: Question: “Did you have to sacrifice your personal life in order to become a business success?”  Answer: “Sure, ask about five of my former girlfriends that question. I went seven years without a vacation. I didn’t even read a fiction book in that time. I was focused.”

“So what,” you could argue, “just because many successful entrepreneurs are workaholics doesn’t mean that’s the only path to success.”

Indeed, study after study has shown that “working more hours” doesn’t translate into “accomplishing more shit.” If you’re not getting enough sleep, for instance, working extra hours doesn’t make up for your foggy brain.

Also, optimizing how you spend your time can increase productivity several times over — an increase you couldn’t possibly match by working more hours.

Yeah, but here’s the problem.

The “Rule of Closets” is that the amount of crap you own will expand to fill all available closet space. You can create more space by adding shelves and organizers, but then you’ll soon discover you have more stuff.

Well I have a “Rule of Time in Startups”: How much time does a bootstrapped company take? All of it.

Even ten people could hardly keep up with everything you do in small business — creating, consulting, designing, fixing, self-promotion, blogging, networking, bookkeeping, taxes, customer support and cultivation and all those little crappy things like losing an afternoon troubleshooting your fancy outsourced IP phone system that was supposed to let you “work from anywhere.”

One, two, or even three people can’t do everything, so of course it takes all your time. If you’re working a day job while starting something on the side, of course you don’t have time to exercise or play with your kids before bed.

It takes obsession to make a little company go. Forget “passion” — everyone’s favorite word — it’s “obsession.” It’s not just that you love working, it’s that you can’t stop working. You’re putting your entire self on the line — your finances, your career, your ideas.

The obsession is there even when you’re away from the office, having lunch with a friend or reading to your kids. As my wife would frequently point out in the early years of Smart Bear, my “mental and emotional bandwidth” was entirely consumed. You’re physically there, but you’re not really there.

Read those quotes above again and you’ll see not just passion but self-destructive devotion. You don’t put yourself through this meat grinder just because you “like something a lot.”

“If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”


Of course those life-coaches are still correct: This isn’t a great way to live your entire life. You need to accept that this is going to happen and ask whether it’s OK to incur this penalty right now. For me, I did all this in my 20’s when I had no kids, I had enough savings to risk everything for a while, and I had a wife who had her own business and who therefore understood how much work it took and why I was spacing out over dinner.

Bottom line: Every successful bootstrapper I know puts work before self. (Until financial freedom is achieved.) I did too.

(Curious what Jason’s wife thought about this? Check out her rebuttal.)

Photo by a.drian via Flickr